I am a designer and human-computer interaction (HCI) researcher. The work I do is interdisciplinary cutting across psychology, information science, interaction design, education and technology studies. More information about my research can be found under the ‘research’ tab.

Before entering academia, I worked in industry as a visual and interaction designer. The projects I was involved in were diverse spanning from designing learning games for primary school children to service design for HR management. Over this time, I developed an interest in how existing technologies support users’ values and fit with their social practices. In 2003, I opened up my own UX and design consulting company, Lumina Interactive which I closed after five years to focus on my academic work.

I have a PhD in HCI/Computer-mediated Communication from Imperial College London (Intelligent Systems and Networks group at the EEE department). My research was funded by the EU network of excellence, Humaine whose aim was to build systems that were sensitive and/or responsive to human emotions. I have a MSc in HCI and BFA in interactive media.

Between 2009-2011 I was a post-doctoral researcher for the EPSRC project Privacy Value Networks at the School of Management of the University of Bath working on privacy, trust and identity. The project was a collaboration between the University of St. Andrews, University of Bath, UCL, Oxford Internet Institute and Consult Hyperion. In 2011, I moved to the University of Birmingham’s HCI Centre in Computer Science as a Tenure-Track Research Fellow/Lecturer. In 2013, I joined the UCL Knowledge Lab at the UCL Institute of Education where I am a senior lecturer.

I have been fortunate to work as a researcher, co-I and PI on several EU projects. I have also been a recipient of a one-year Google University award for my work on privacy (see Funded Research Projects page) and have led or consulted on two recent Innovate UK projects.